About Us

Sue Berk founded Sue Berk Designs in the Fall of 2001. After working in high tech marketing for 13 years, and flipping houses for 5years , Sue wanted to do something different. She had just bought a kiln so that she could make tiles for backsplashes in the houses she was renovating, and she decided to get a booth at a few local craft shows. She sold many different ceramic items but her crosses were a favorite from the start. Soon, she began selling her designs in gift stores all over the USA. Later, other items were added to the collection, including blankets, frames, and later leotards, under the SBD Sportswear brand name.

Sue was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and lived there until she and her family moved to Houston while she was in high school. She has traveled all over the world and lived in Israel for a year during her Junior year of college. She and her husband, Brad Walters, make their home in Dallas with their kids and 2 cats. They escape to the beach whenever theyget a chance!